The Sacred Yew


Welcome to The Sacred Yew, a place to commune beneath the branches of this special tree.

The yew is The Fortingall Yew, the ancient tree which resides in the very centre of Scotland and has stood there for around 5,000 years. It comes to speak its words of wisdom and to teach of the old ways when we gathered together in the sacred groves to honour the turning of the seasons and the sharing with one another.

This tree has been there for many years watching the world and gathering the records throughout the ages. People gathered beneath it as they did with many ancient trees to celebrate the rhythms of life and of the moon and the sun, to heal and be healed and to share the love which bound them together.

The time has come to remember those lives when we spent time with our community in nature for the trees were our temple and they held us close in an atmosphere so divine and yet so loving. We have long forgotten how to live in harmony upon this earth and we have forgotten how to share our gifts with one another to ease the loads of life but under the sacred branches of this yew tree we can gather once again and celebrate the joy of coming together.

It is time now to remember what we have done before and to bring it into the present time so that we may begin to create a better and a greener world. As well as sharing teachings and inspirations and creating sacred space we also encourage the sharing of how to make the world a purer place for the future. In time to come the Earth will return to its pristine state where pollution and destruction will become a thing of the past. We can play a part now not only in our working with the spiritual light to create this but also in the way we live our lives protecting the environment by living lightly upon the Earth and respecting not only people but also the animals.

This website includes many aspects to enable you to re-experience a sense of sacred community once again.

For those who who wish to participate in this community, there is The Yew Book which is a section of the website dedicated to the sharing of wisdom. You may send in your experiences from the teachings or poetry, inspiration, meditations and wisdom. By participating in this way you will share your gifts and insights with others as you did in ancient times when you came together under the trees.

There will be a section called Old Wives' Tales where you can send in information about natural remedies and old ways of healing with herbs and plants. This will then be available to share with others.

Another part of this website is called The Grove Kitchen and it is a place where we will provide information and knowledge regarding healing food and food for the future as well as vegan recipes.

The Healing Tree is a place where you can visit and sit within the healing vibrations of the pictures which are on the screen and listen to sounds to soothe your soul. Healing will be present as you make your connection; it will be as real as any other healing which you receive.

A page for fairy tales will provide magical stories filled with wisdom.


So come and sit beneath the branches of The Yew Tree and let it share its light and its wisdom, opening you up to a greater awareness of the totality of your soul whilst at the same time nurturing and healing you.